Friday, January 16, 2009

why in this time of bad economy does the working man get harassed? i drive to pay my mortgage, gas ,electric,water ,sewer,phones(2),insurances-car(2)& home,taxes_home& vacation property,timeshare,home improvment loan,and support my elderly parents that i cant even see w/o an argument from my wife who stays home to teach 2 kids i still have left @ home.2 jobs, and sunday school bus(volunteer) driver subject to all the drug & alcohol spot checks they can throw @ me, which i wish they would stop wasting they re time as i dont do any drugs ,drinking, smoking,or anything else illegal. which brings me back to the big WHY ! im off from work today , which i cant afford,to answer a traffic ticket i got for driving my 48 foot tractor trailer off truck route! what is" off truck route"? did you ever get furniture delivered? refrigerater? ever move your residence & use a moving company? the truck that brought / took your stuff was more than likley off truck route!!! some BOZO decided trucks cant go on MOST roads in NYC. next time your there, or even where you are right now,stop a moment & look around you. you wont find anything that wasnt on a truck at some time or another! even snow is moved by trucks! so when a trained pro,who is constantly scrutenized(i dont get paid to spell) is simply doing his job,paying(at least trying to)his bills by bringing your fav store your pleasures& nessecities, i ask WHY give him a hard time making him defend what he has to do to support his family & be a positive part of the economy. he s not on welfare,drunk or on drugs,commiting crimes while neglecting his responsibilitys to his family, community,or country. but ill go do that today by the Grace of God....because it is right. do right.if the stars fall,do right.


  1. im glad that everything turned out all right for you!!! PTL!!!
    see ya soon!! :-P

  2. hmmmmmmm........ Hope the ticket was resolved painlessly (as possible).

    You're still right about this by the way:
    If the stars fall, [or if truck routes move] DO RIGHT!!!